The Different Types of Immigration Consultants

The Different Types of Immigration Consultants

Immigration consultants are individuals who offer legal guidance to persons who are seeking legal assistance for immigration purposes. However, they are not attorneys. Immigration lawyers specialize in law for government agencies like the Immigration department of the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration a. The immigration process involves a set of steps that must be followed to successfully become a permanent resident of other country.

Types of immigration consultants:

Unlicensed consultant:

There are two types of consultants – those that are unlicensed and those that are licensed. Unlicensed immigration consultants are not part of the legislation and therefore their services cannot be legal or reliable. These consultants cannot advise a client about the eligibility of obtaining citizenship in any country, nor can they give legal counsel. The only function the best immigration consultants in Mumbai perform is to assist a client with the application for immigration to other country.


Licensed immigration consultants are members of the Law Society. They are allowed to provide legal advice and they also act on behalf of their clients before the Federal Court and the Immigration Department. These lawyers have been formally trained in the laws and are equipped with the appropriate knowledge and experience to assist their clients in getting immigration papers approved. These representatives are required to obtain express authorization from the client before going to the Federal Court or the immigration minister’s office. Before being appointed as a representative, these lawyers must take an oath of office to comply with the Code of Conduct of the profession.

Immigration lawyers:

While it is possible to find free immigration consultants in any country, these professionals cannot offer legal representation. This means that the lawyer representing the client cannot act as his or her lawyer and can no longer give out legal advice. These representatives cannot represent the client in cases that require the consultation of lawyers; such as cases before the Federal Court and before the Immigration Department. This means that the lawyer representing the client is limited to advising the client on the correct procedure and options available.

However, some immigration consultants work with lawyers who have worked in the state bar. As long as these lawyers have passed the bar, the lawyers can work with these professionals as long as they have passed the state bar exam. To get a state bar exam, the bar exam must be passed within three years. Many immigration consultants work with lawyers who have passed the state bar exam.

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