The Realme GT


Realme GT is one of the latest mobile phone devices from the manufacturer all over the world. The Realme brand has been around for quite some time, so this is actually the second mid-budget smartphone from Realme after the Realme Moto MP4, which launched last year. And, since this device is not really a high-end smartphone by any means, we’ll probably have to make do with its good features instead. realme gt

For one, the Realme GT definitely packs a punch. It comes with a powerful single-core 1.8GHz processor, plus a quad-core Adreno 650 graphics card and a generous 8GB of memory to work with. Configuration and battery life on the other hand are both top notch. For those that need more power out of their handsets, the phone comes with both a 1.5-inch Super AMOLED touch screen and an Adreno Mali-Tango camera with Dual Shot and optical zoom.

For something that’s also in a price range that matches up to the budget of most people, the Realme GT comes with a rear camera that’s just as strong as the front-facing model. It’s capable of shooting in either portrait mode or photo real-time. The camera app comes with numerous features including shooting in colour or black and white, as well as the usual image editing tools. It can also handle both still shots and video and this is just fine since the quality of the images it produces is just fine.

One feature that is actually a little less impressive than it should be is the presence of a micro-SD slot. When you buy a smartphone, you expect that there is an external memory storage slot – and there is. The RealmeGT doesn’t have such a slot, so it must have been designed by means of the smart phone company. That would make sense, since the device could not be designed if there was one. There is a headphone jack, however. If you can live with not being able to connect your smartphone headphones to the Realme, then that’s all that matters, but for others, the headphone jack might be a deal breaker.

This is one of the first smartphones to implement what’s called a Fast Charge technology. This is a new feature that allows most Samsung smartphones to get their batteries ready to go from a completely dead state, like when the battery is first turned on, to being fully charged within a matter of 15 minutes. You’ll be able to find many Samsung smartphones that include this standard, including the Galaxy S4 and Note 4. It’s a remarkable technology that make using a smartphone even more enjoyable, but it does slow down the pace of your actual usage.

The Realme GT also offers features like an extended battery life, meaning that you can leave other apps running longer before having to return to them, which is a nice feature for people who use their phones as their primary means of making contact with people. The software that drives this feature, named RealMe Powerool, isn’t really anything more than a unique custom UI that helps make the phone behaves in certain ways. The phone also includes an implementation of Google Now on Tap, which means that when you press the virtual home button, it will launch a Google search result, just as if you had hit the enter key on the keyboard. All of these conveniences make the Realme GT a great companion to any smartphone that has decent performance and a nice user interface.

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