Popular Cat Toys For Your Feline Friend

If there is one thing about cats that is absolutely certain, it is the fact that they love to play with toys. If you’re looking for some popular cat toys that you can present to your furry feline friend this holiday season, then you might want to check out some of the popular toys that are available on the market today. Scratch and Purr

Plush Toys

Plush toys are very popular toys that cats love to play with. You can find a number of toys available in different shapes and sizes. One of the reasons that cats love to play with these types of items is the fact that they are soft and furry and can easily be grasped between their paws and tossed around. You van even add a little catnip to them to drive your cats absolutely crazy!

Wand Toys

Wand toys are perhaps on of the most popular types of toys that you can give to your cat. Wands that have strings or laces attached to them will have the scrambling about in an attempt to catch the end. Twirl them around in a whirlwind of furry and your cat will go nuts trying to catch the string, lace, or whatever it is that is attached to the end of it.


Regular toys like fake mice, bouncy balls, and even stuffed animals make great items that your cat can play with. Add a pinch of catnip to them and your cat will have even more fun.

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