What You Should Know Before Waterproofing Your Roof

What You Should Know Before Waterproofing Your Roof


Waterproofing makes a structure or an object water-resistant so that it remains unaffected by water or resists water ingress under specified conditions. These systems are generally used for roof waterproofing. However, it would help if you considered hiring reliable roof waterproofing companies in Dubai when using this system. Read below some important things you should know before considering roof waterproofing.

Cost of waterproofing an old roof:

Re-sealing an old roof can extend the roof’s life by several decades. The cost of this procedure varies according to the type of roof, the brand, and the thickness of the coating. Additionally, it depends on the climate in which the house is located. Although all types of sealants are waterproof, silicone and polyurea are better than others. The right choice depends on the climate, the type of roof, as well as the cost and labor of the project.

Alternatives to elastomeric membranes:

While elastomeric membranes are generally the preferred option when waterproofing an old roof, many other alternatives exist. A liquid membrane is the most common, formed by melting and bonding a material layer. These membranes are most commonly used on horizontal roofs. They are composed of polyurethane elastomers or bitumen. There are also several different types of spray-applied membranes. One thing to note is the temperature at which these materials cure. The temperature during the curing time is vital, as these are highly sensitive to large temperature fluctuations.

Ways to waterproof a flat roof:

It is important to waterproof an old flat roof to prevent leaks and other damage from occurring. This method can also help to protect the flat roof from harmful UV rays. A properly waterproofed flat roof will withstand high temperatures and be safe from damage from storms, hail, and snow. However, if the waterproof barrier is not in good shape, water can seep into the structure, leading to alligatoring and other serious problems.

Finding the source of a leak on a flat roof:

If you have a flat roof, one of the first things you need to do is find the leak’s source. Two things could cause it. First, it could be the timbers on the roof. Timbers can be weak over time and can sag under the weight of accumulated water. Another possible cause is a chipboard deck that has become damp. Concentric circles of water may mark low spots in the roofing. Using a board on the roof to spread out the weight will also help you to mark the area.

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