Aftermarket Car Audio Systems – Still the Best?

There are cars that come with really high-end audio systems. So, gone are the days when high quality car audio was the exclusive enjoyment of those who chose the aftermarket route.

But, are there not still abundant reasons why an aftermarket car audio system is a better deal anyday? We’ll take a look at those…

First, check the price of a car that offers certain very high-end audio as part of the dealer or manufacturer’s package. They are often several times the price of a comparable system — if not superior — system in the open market. And there’s a good reason for it. av services new york

When you want to buy a car, you’re “ready” to spend bucks in thousands. But, when you go shopping specifically for a car audio unit, you usually think in hundreds (Unless you belong to the car audio elite). The dealer knows this and cashes in.

They tell you what and what has been thrown in. What they don’t tell you is what you’re throwing out — your hard-earned cash!

Secondly, the dealer has certain overheads that has to be covered. And what better way than to bundle an overpriced car audio system as part of the deal.
Don’t take my word for it, compare prices and you’ll see the glaring, but often overlooked truth.

If you want the best support for your car audio, a dedicated car audio shop will certainly cater to your needs better than a general car dealer and for simple reasons…

A car is made up of many systems. The car audio system is just one of them — and by no way the most important to a car manufacturer or dealer. But for a car audio store, all they are involved in is car audio.

So, when training sales staff, they concentrate on car audio. In fact, I know one that has an ipod car integration specialist. When I had questions as regards ipod car integration, I was referred to him. You can imagine the quality of information he could deliver.

Now, I don’t mean to pick on car dealers. We all need them. However, if the best in car audio is your thing, then don’t expect someone who has myriads of unrelated issues (From pistons to car upholstery) to give you the best advice or service when it comes to car audio.

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