A Brief Look At The Samsung A52s 5g Price


The Samsung A52s is a mid-budget Android-based smartphone launched and developed by Samsung Electronics in conjunction with its partner Samsung. The phone is expected to be launched on 17 March 2021 at a special Samsung Unpacked event. It is the second member of the Galaxy A series, following the recently launched Galaxy Avant. It acts as the second member of the Galaxy A family, following the Galaxy Avant. The A52s has the same specification as the Avant, but it is also designed for a more affordable price. samsung a52 5g

Samsung has priced the Samsung A52s reasonably, despite coming under the luxury range, with its sizzling features and high quality hardware. The phone comes with a sleek unibody design and a slight curvature, which make it easy to handle. The entire mobile is clad with a smooth surface with a flat bezel, which is a trait shared by other mid-budget phones from Samsung. The touch screen has a nice sharpness, though it is on the lightly textured side, which can make it difficult to use for prolonged periods.

With an impressive set of specs, the Samsung A52s also comes with a front and rear camera, both of which are equipped with decent cameras for the money. The rear camera of the Samsung A52s has a nice lens, although the resolution is low and blurry. This is easily fixed with the use of editing software, which will rectify the issue. The front camera of the phone however, is capable of high quality shots, with an effective resolution of 778 pixels. The A52s also comes with a very attractive facial recognition feature, which means that it is possible to activate the feature when you are not in front of your Samsung A52s and simply need to check out your friends or family.

The Samsung A52s price is really hard to pinpoint as it varies according to every specification. The main difference between the various models is the storage space provided. Models like the AT&T SGHIS2020 have a large amount of memory in the form of gigabytes. On the other hand, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Arc has only a fraction of the gigabytes. The a52s price therefore depends on the memory size that one is looking to buy.

The Samsung Galaxy A52s has the ability to record video at the same quality that it records pictures. It is also capable of storing images and movies, which are similar to what the iPhone has. Users who need more storage capacity can opt for the 2GB package, which is available for the Samsung A52s. It has a single speaker located in the top left corner of the phone. The two microphones located on the sides of the Samsung A52s facilitate users to take videos and pictures with clarity.

In terms of connectivity, the Samsung A52s has access to USB connectivity as well as wireless connectivity. Both these technologies are quite popular these days. In addition to this, the Samsung A52s price is equivalent to that of the iPhone 5s and that of the iPad mini. The AT&T SGHIS2020 has a contract offer of US $100 per month.

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