8 Ways to Celebrate Chinese New Year

What are the Chinese New Year activities for celebrating
this most important festival in the Chinese calendar?

Let’s start at the beginning…

In China, Chinese New Year is called the Spring Festival.

That’s because the first day of Chinese New Year falls on
the start of spring.

The beginning of spring is a fresh start…

It’s the start of a new year of sowing and reaping.

A wish for a good harvest in the year ahead.

(That’s how the Chinese character for “year” nian2 年 came

A cause for celebration!

All around the world, Chinese families…

put up Chinese New Year scrolls on both sides of the door,

set off firecrackers (It’s illegal in many Chinese cities
now, but people do it anyway)

and married adults give children red envelopes filled with
“lucky money”.

Chinese New Year activities begin 2-4 weeks before the “big

Here’s what you can do to celebrate Chinese New Year.

It’s what Chinese families do all over the world.

1. Clean up the house

Select a day and together with the family, clean up the

This ritual gets rid of bad luck in the ending year and
welcomes in good luck in the new year.

2. Send greeting cards

Send greeting cards with new year wishes to friends,
relatives and colleagues.

Remember to post your greeting cards early!

3. Go shopping Read more about happy new year wishes 2022

Go shopping to buy new clothes for the whole family, food
and sweets, and festive home decorations.

Looking for Chinese New Year activities for kids? Go to

4. Get ready some red packets.

You’ll need them later.

5. Decorate the house

Hang Chinese New Year scrolls called spring couplets on both
sides of the door to usher in good wishes for the new year.

Paste paper cuts of upside down good fotune “fu” characters,
happy children and tangerine oranges on the wall.

Make sure you have vases of flowers in the house during
Chinese New Year.

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